Our goal is simple, to make Yumeiho® known and accessible to as many people as possible.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn Yumeiho®

1. **Elevate Your Skills:** Enrolling in a Yumeiho® course offers all therapists an exceptional opportunity to elevate their skill set. Yumeiho therapy combines techniques that can enhance your existing knowledge, allowing you to offer a broader range of treatments to your clients.

2. **International Recognition:** Being certified in Yumeiho® therapy comes with the prestige of international recognition. This certification is backed by the Japan Yumeiho Association, acknowledging your expertise on a global level and opening up new professional avenues worldwide.

3. **Join Thousands of Yumeiho Therapists:** By completing a Yumeiho® course, you become part of a global community of thousands of Yumeiho® therapists. This network not only supports your professional growth but also provides a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the field.

4. **Diversify Your Practice:** Yumeiho® therapy offers unique techniques not found in traditional massage therapy, including specific massage technique, joint mobilization and corrective exercises. This diversification can attract a wider range of patiwnts seeking holistic and comprehensive approaches to their well-being.

5. **Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes:** Yumeiho® therapy focuses on correcting imbalances in the body, which can lead to more effective and lasting therapeutic outcomes. As a massage therapist, adding Yumeiho® to your repertoire can significantly enhance your ability to address complex musculoskeletal issues and contribute to your clients’ overall health and posture improvement.

It is really important for us to keep a high level of our practitioners and comply with the Yumeiho® Centre from Japan standards, and for this we will only provide high-quality trainings.
The Yumeiho® teachers are therapists who have passed the Grade (DAN) 5 exam held only in Japan and are accredited by the Yumeiho® Center of Japan. Your teacher ( Sensei ) in Belgium is Marian Sârbu, 5 DAN Yumeiho teacher and experienced therapist.

For this reason, the teaching system, a traditional Japanese one, is adapted to the needs of each student.
The division of competencies by degrees, or in the Japanese system – DAN, shows the level of training for each practitioner. In short, the level of competence is as follows:


– Level 1 (1 Dan / 1st Degree) – For those who want to apply Yumeiho massage for the benefit of family members, colleagues and friends.


– 2 DAN, for the application of Yumeiho therapy for preventive purposes and as a method of body maintenance.
– 3 DAN, for the application of Yumeiho therapy for preventive and therapeutic purposes.


– The duration of the beginner course is about 90 hours.
– The duration of the courses and internships is established according to the requirements and needs of the interns.
– In order to obtain the 3rd degree (3 DAN, level 3 of competences) it is necessary the persevering practice for at least one year from the graduation of the 2nd degree and the participation in at least two stages of improvement. In general, over 1000 hours of practice and 300 hours of theory must be added together to start as a Yumeiho therapist.

Thus, graduates of Yumeiho courses can fall into two categories of skills:

I. Yumeiho massage, prophylactic, maintenance and relaxation, for family members (relatives, acquaintances, friends). Graduates of level courses (Degree / Dan) 1 and 2.

II. Therapist Yumeiho. Gr. 3 graduates. Those who pass the exam for becoming Yumeiho therapist have also the right to use the Yumeiho Trade Mark, but only in compliance with the conditions established by the licensee owner. Please see Yumeiho Europe for more information about this.