Has your back ever hurt?

There is almost no man that did not encountered this. In fact, a recent European study estimates that absences from work due to back pain cost around 190 billion pounds a year. Not to mention the effect on spending free time and normal daily life.

The causes of the problems that involve the back are, above all, the wrong posture and the accidents that occurred during the different activities.  Most problems are resolved within a few days, and if not, there is a whole range of treatments that will help you feel better.  Although it is always wise to ask your doctor about any back pain, on this website we will present you different articles about back pain, articular or muscular problems how a series of treatments work, and how to choose the best one.  Sometimes things can get more serious.  Muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons may be tested for incorrect movements, and an incorrect posture or illness may play a role in disrupting the normal function of the back.

You will find plenty of information on the healthy structure and functioning of the back, which will help you understand how this impressive human body works.

The back has both the flexibility to make complex and precise movements, as well as enough force to support the limbs and allow us to stand upright.  But many suffer from back pain, which is usually the result of misuse or neglect due to their lifestyle.

Each intervertebral disc has a soft and gelatinous interior (nucleus pulposis), surrounded by a strong outer layer (fibrous ring) that allows movement by modeling on the space available when the vertebrae move towards each other, preventing direct contact – and friction –  between the bone surfaces.  Rest allows the discs to regain their shape after compression on the column as a result of daily activities.  When the discs loose fluid content, as a natural consequence of aging, they cease to protect the joint as effectively, and the bone is modified leading to rigidity.

What problems can arise?  A lot.  The backs and problems that can affect it change at every stage of life.  In childhood, in active youth, when you start a family, and when you get older, your back is constantly challenged

Muscles and ligaments of the back can allow a wide variety of movements, but can also be affected if they are extended beyond the safety zone, reaching the stretches.  In response, the affected muscles often suffer from spasm – becoming painfully rigid – until the trauma heals.

Yumeiho® therapy does not promise miraculous healings or spectacular results.

The main purpose of Yumeiho® therapy is to help your body to recover faster, allowing you to get back to your normal life. Of course, as with any “machine” regular check ups will only prevent a major trauma.

In a future article we will discuss the most common causes of back pain and how we can prevent that.

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