Pregnancy and back pain

Between 50 and 70% of women suffer from back pain – especially in the lumbar area – during pregnancy. It is not surprising, given the weight gain, and changes in posture and walking.
There are measures to prevent or improve discomfort, and Yumeiho® therapy has proved to be very effective.

The lower back area is the most affected. The impact of increasing volume of the pregnant woman’s abdomen affects this in two different ways. Not only does the extra weight in this area affect the muscle tone of the abdomen, but it also changes the gravitational center of the future mother and therefore her posture.  As a result, the muscular stretch in the lumbar region is not unusual.

Another reason for back pain during pregnancy is the impact of the hormonal changes that occur during this period. Relaxin is a hormone produced by the ovary and the placenta with important effects in the female reproductive system and during pregnancy.

This hormone makes the ligaments more elastic to allow the pelvic bones that form the birth canal to allow the baby’s head to pass during birth.  Unfortunately, because the hormones are transported throughout the body through the blood, other ligaments become looser and there is a risk of generalized joint stretching as well as stretching in the joints in the spine.

The production of this hormone cannot be influenced in any way and it is best to stay that way.

So how can Yumeiho® influence the general condition of the future mother?

Yumeiho® therapy consists of the methodical application of a complex set of manual procedures and physical exercises in order to restore the functional balance of the human body

The manual therapeutic procedures, applied within the Yumeiho® therapy, consist of: passive myo-articular gymnastics; point-therapy procedures, techniques and special massage procedures; stretching elements (stretches, elongations); methods for correction and balancing the posture; exercises to optimize the biomechanics of the locomotor system.

All techniques and procedures are applied according to the needs of each individual. In the case of pregnant women, special care should be taken not to cause any discomfort. It is known that all the states of the mother are transmitted to the fetus.

All your therapist will try to do is to relax the muscles involved in supporting the body and give you greater freedom of movement.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just the way Yumeiho® therapy understands the way the whole body works, and treats it accordingly.

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