What is Yumeiho®?

The answer to this question is not at all simple. To answer this question we will start by saying what Yumeiho® is not.

Yumeiho® is not physiotherapy.

Yumeiho® is not a massage.

Yumeiho® is not chiropractic.

Yumeiho® is not osteopathy.

And then what is it?

It is very difficult to answer this question.

First of all, the complete name is Kotsuban Yumeiho® Seitai Do.

Let’s get acquainted with some Japanese concepts.

Japanese medicine holds a pervasive interest in structural balance, symmetry, and the body-mind dynamics between structure and function.

This interest stems in part from the Japanese martial arts tradition where the understanding between proper form and movement, power and effectiveness is highly developed. In martial arts (budo) education a person’s form or physical posture clearly reveals their “spirit” and intention. Thus the outer proper form reveals the nature of the inner spirit. Careful somatic instruction is paid to the spirit, the center of balance, and to outer form.

The Japanese have a highly developed concept of musculoskeletal postural alignment that has the pelvis, or Kotsuban in Japanese, as its foundation. This is also seen in the many formal situations utilizing the traditional aligned sitting posture, seiza (“correct sitting”). The ability to maintain formal posture, it is believed, integrates mind and breath and is stable and centered.

From here we can make a translation of the first term Kotsuban = Pelvis understanding its importance in Japanese culture.

If seiza = correct sitting, Seitai is a general category of treatments that aim to put the body in the right/correct position, so that is the meaning of the third word.

Yumeiho is a compound word out of 3 individual words.

Yu – 湧 – = the vital force

Mei – 命- = to grow, to erupt

Ho – 法 – = technique, method

Having this word by word translation, we can say that Yumeiho® is the technique for growing the vital force of the body.

For the practitioners, Yumeiho® is a way of life. The particle Do – 道 – at the end of the full name means route, path, journey, way of living. You can find this particle also in Judo, Aikido and other martial arts.

As we said it before, the answer is not easy at all. We can say that:

Yumeiho® is a holistic Japanese full body muscle and joint balancing technique that can produce great results for sufferers of musculoskeletal pain

But this definition does not fully cover the complexity of this technique.

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