Yumeiho® for athletes

For a body to be a perfect tool that can be used at maximum capacity for performance, one basic condition is the biomechanical balance of the whole body.

Postural and biomechanical asymmetries create problems for everyone, but especially for athletes, who by the nature of the sport they practice are subjected to a particular biomechanical stress and risks of accident.

Especially in conditions of great physical effort, any imbalance (subluxation at the level of the pelvis, spine, or impairment of any joint in the lower or upper limbs) will lead to asymmetries in terms of muscle tone, displacement of the center of gravity and affecting the amplitude of movement in the joints. Thus, important structural, morphological and physiological changes occur.

Postural imbalances are one of the most important causes for back pain and other muscular and joint problems. They also extend the recovery period after injury or even cause an incomplete and incorrect recovery.

In the case of elite athletes, these problems appear rather quickly because of the very intense use of their body during training and performance, and are accelerated by the presence of postural imbalances. All these will affect the overall results and can make a strong difference, there where a few percentages difference can become the difference between winning or losing, between selection or refusal, between a professional position and a leisure athlete.

That is why sports medicine is paying more attention to posturology

Due to the special biomechanical stress, the athletes need special care both for the preparation for the effort (the body needing biomechanical postural balance to reach the maximum potential) and for the recovery after the effort. Asymmetrically tensed muscles cause injury, irritation of the intervertebral joint facets, additional stress on the intervertebral discs (which can lead to disc herniation in time), excessive stress on the soft tissues (ligaments, joint capsules, muscles that serve the overused joints)

Effects of applying Yumeiho® therapy

Yumeiho® is a therapeutic and prophylactic (preventive) method that mainly works to restore the biomechanical balance of the whole body.

Achieving this objective involves the following aspects: relaxation, respectively normalization of the tone of the muscle masses; normalization of the biomechanics of the joints; elasticity of connective tissues; improvement of local articular and muscular vascularization; balancing the position of the center of weight of the body; symmetrizing the body.

Choosing a  postural balancing methods such Yumeiho® not only optimizes the functioning of the entire body, but prevents or delays the appearance of joint wear specific to the practice of performance sport.

The recognition and treatment of postural problems lead to a better knowledge of one’s body, a better coordination of the movements, an increased capacity to sustain an effort and a remarkable success rate.

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